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I had a very refreshing interview with Dilem Kaya.

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Important Lessons

Today Jana Ludwig-Martyushev will give you valuable advice. She talks about her biggest learnings as an entrepreneur, about her passion with helping others to follow their dreams.

“Working on my mission”

Jana confesses. This gives her power, this makes her job so much fun, and this is what she wishes many others out there can experience on their own.

However, success does not just come from passion alone, something else is also very relevant…

Why do most startups fail?

The reason is the lack of control of financial issues. Jana explains what the driving factors are and how to circumvent such financial failures.

So, how about you? How often do you think about keeping track of your revenues and spendings?

If you want to learn more about finance, get an easy explanation, then check out her Start Finance Toolbox. She helps start-ups in 10 video lessons addressing the biggest finance pain points with useful templates for crisp processes to not invent the wheel

from scratch:

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