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Financial coaching for start-ups.

Start Finance

Managing your finances is not Rocket Science! Starting off is not always easy, but once you get going with the right methodology and tools nothing will stand in a way of a rapid rocket launch. With crisp and lean processes, I will support you and your business on this journey and will help you to bring your start-up to the next level.

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About me

I’m Jana, bean counter by heart, stock market enthusiast, and globetrotter. I live in Berlin with my family.

After studying business administration, I spent more than 10 years with different companies setting up their accounting and controlling structures and implementing financial processes. From medium-sized companies to start-ups, I have always brought order to the initial chaos and paperwork. 

On this page, you will learn how I can help you as an entrepreneur to boost your starting phase with a clean finance structure.

Financial Services

For Start-Ups

Start Finance Now

Tools & Digital Processes

I help start-ups set up financial processes. Clean accounting and structured finances are fundamental for a thriving business.

The Start-Up Toolbox

Simple Processes & Tools

Level up with the toolbox containing all important finance tools. 10 video lessons addressing the biggest pain points and useful templates for crisp processes.