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The Start-Up Toolbox

This toolbox has EVERYTHING you will need to kick-start your financial processes at the beginning. It provides answers to ALL THE questions that founders and their finance leads might ask themselves: 

​How can I automate my financial processes with little to no budget? 

I offer an all-in-one package for ALL steps of implementing structured finance processes and accounting structures from scratch. It includes templates for your business accounting and bookkeeping, a financial plan for fundraising, a guideline for simple financial reporting and budgeting and many many more.

With the implementation of my templates and guidelines you can finally relax and finance won’t keep you awake at night any longer. Your next fundraising process and the due diligence will be way more straight forward and your next year-end closing will be quick and easy. The start finance toolbox will save you at minimum 3 months time. 

Key Benefits of the Start-Up Toolbox

  • Automate your process steps
  • Make your own customisations to the templates  
  • 100% coverage of finance topics for seed/early stage start-ups
  • Establish a solid foundation for fundraising
  • Excel templates are ready to use
  • Professional spreadsheets to start from day 1
  • Easy to use & hands-on
  • Save costs for tax advisors & other consultants
  • All basics of financial accounting for startups
  • Understand the numbers that drive your business
  • Best practice tips from an expert for a crisp accounting set-up
  • Save you and your team valuable time 

My toolbox is for founders AND their finance all-rounder. To save you time and nerves, I collect and present all the most important start-up finance topics in one place in a crisp and precise way. 

For each topic you will get a short explanatory video, a summary of the most important financial issues and practical templates that save you a lot of time and work.

 In my videos, I give you examples on how to set up sharp processes which will save you lots of time and money. You don’t have to start from scratch by reinventing the wheel, and you avoid mistakes in your financial management that could cost you a lot. I also talk about where financial tools make sense and where you can easily go without them.

Start Finance Now

But beware founders: this toolbox does not replace your finance hire. However, it will save you and your team several months of work figuring out the process and setting up the foundation – you can start cracking the hard nuts straight away. With my toolbox, you don’t have to worry about the basics. Forget about collecting and scanning receipts, because I’ll show you how to automate your accounting processes in an easy and cost-effective way.

Since most start-ups work internationally, this toolbox is entirely in English. None of it is rocket science, all templates are super easy to use.

This is the toolbox I wish I had when I started working in my first start-up a few years back.

Check out the FREE trial version or get the complete package*

Disclaimer: The content of this toolbox (videos and templates) is completely in English and the focus is on content, content, content! If you expect high-end video production, this toolbox is not the right investment for you.

* All start-ups that fight climate change and/or demonstrably work on products that help to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere get a 20% discount. Please just before booking, send an email to: jana[at]