Author: Shami Chinyadza

Date: 04 Feb 2022

Jana, is a self-confessed bean counter by heart, stock market enthusiast, and globetrotter. Jana resides in Berlin with her son and husband. After studying business administration, Jana spent more than 10 years setting up accounting and controlling structures and implementing financial processes in various companies. From corporates over medium-sized companies to start-ups, she has always brought order to the initial chaos and paperwork, implemented controlling structures as well as analysis and planning tools. ​Jana is currently working as the VP of Finance at omni:us, a Berlin-based start-up. In addition to her job, she is working with start-ups to bring their finance processes to the next level. Jana believes that accounting is exactly where the foundations for a commercially strong company and successful financing rounds are laid. She has dedicated some of her time to developing a playbook for start-ups to set up crisp and easy finance and accounting structures.

Jana is passionate about empowering women. She strives to help women become financially independent with investing and salary negotiations. ‘Women over 65 get on average 46% less pension than men (OECD study)’. The risk of retirement-age poverty is very high. There are many possible scenarios, but the most common ones are part-time work or lower-income over long periods of time. In addition, we women often do not take care of our finances ourselves. When it comes to money, the only wrong decision is to rely on others, to hope for a pension or to park the money in a zero-interest savings account. Jana wants to take the fear away to talk about money, salaries and the stock market.

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